14th Annual N T R T S
Top 25 Awards Ceremony
November 9, 2019
10 am - 2 pm
The Fort Worth Club 
306 West Seventh St, Fort Worth, TX 76102 

New Deadline: September 30, 2019!

 NTRTS TOP 25 Technologists  2018

   Anderson, Joseph, BS; RT(R)(CT(MR)

  Ayala-Escalera, Iris, RT(R)

   Barral, Cynthia, RT(R)

   Bennett, Jacqueliine, MS; RT(R)(CT); RDMS; RVT

    Brown, Lidia, AAS; RT(R)(M)(MR)

 Clevinger, Jaymi, RT(R)

   Dotson, Angela, BS; RT(R)(CT)

   Erghott, Scott, RT(R)(CT)

   Fairbourn, Adam, CNMT

 Hicklin, Rebecca, CNMT

 James, Brandy, RT(R)(M)(MR)

 Luck, Shannon, RT(R)(CT)

 Nabhan, Kristal, RT(R)(MR)

 Nunn, Amanda, RT(R)(CT)

Patterson, Ashlee, BS; CNMT; NMTCB (CT)

 Paul, Melba, RT(R)

 Plaster, Benjamin, RT(R)

 Reddinger, Wilbur, RT(R)(CT)

 Roberts, Troy, AAS; RT(R)(CT)

 Russell, Amy, MSRS; RT(R)(M)

 Spikes, Alesa, RT(R)(M)

Starling, Kathryn, RT(R)

 Wagner, Jessyca, MSRS; RT(R)

 Wilson, Rose, MAHM; RT(R)(M)(BD)

 Zakarian, Marc, BSRS; RT(R)(CT)

NTRTS Living Legends Hall of Fame

Marilyn Sackett 2008
Charles Washington 2009
Eloise Shelley 2010
Sargent Jay Geronimo 2011
Norm Burgess 2012
Connie Quarles 2013
Glenda Redd 2014
Jeniesa Johnson 2015
Lois Lehman 2016
Stephanie Holden 2017

NTRTS Living Legends Hall of Fame

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