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The Mission of NTRTS shall be to: advance the profession of Radiological Sciences; to assist in establishing and maintaining high standards of education; to elevate the quality of patient care and improve the welfare and socioeconomics of the Radiologic Technology Science Professional.

Chapter President

Tom Bousquet, President

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    Welcome to the new and improved NTRTS webpage. We hope you like the new look and features we have including quick links to our wonderful sponsor pages and easier to navigate site.

    As we embark on a new decade of our society, I am reminded of its history and growth as well as the number of people that have played a pivotal role in its evolution and expansion. The hard work, in a voluntary basis, demonstrates the commitment each one has had to see our profession to continue to grow and thrive. I am humbled to be your new president and hope that I can continue this forward momentum even if just a little.

    Our society…let's stop on that word a moment… what does society mean? Here it is defined:

    "society. an organized group of persons associated together for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or other purposes. a body of individuals living as members of a community. "

    Our "community" is stronger the more members we have working together. In conjunction with the Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists we can become an even more powerful voice in the state to help secure our jobs and promote patient safety.

    Remember that the NTRTS can provide you with the CEs you need at a bargain price. We provide several opportunities throughout the year including the Spring Fling, and the Summer Blowout. You can also get CEs by attending our NTRTS quarterly meetings.

    Need a way to recognize a co-worker and had a hard time figuring out a way? No worries, just nominate a teammate each year for our Top 25 Technologists. Dates and times for nominations are posted on our website. They will be honored with a fine luncheon and awards.

    I would also like to encourage everyone that is not actively participating with the NTRTS to find some way of getting involved. In order for our organization to combat serious issues of professional encroachment, threats to our scope of practice, and other national healthcare trends that are negatively affecting our profession, we must remain a well-organized and informed unit for when these issues arise. To do that, we need you! There are many opportunities, including offices, or appointed positions that we could use your help with. Most do not take a large time commitment, but are necessary to the organization. Please consider doing your part to move us forward! If you are interested in learning how you can contribute to the NTRTS please email or call me. We look forward to what the future holds for the NTRTS and how it will become a driving force that meets the needs of the profession and Imaging Technologists that we serve in North Texas.


    Tom Bousquet

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